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Liked on YouTube: NYC Medical Weight Loss Story – Dr. Vadim Surikov Call 347-599-9118

NYC Medical Weight Loss Story – Dr. Vadim Surikov Call 347-599-9118
Best NYC Medical Weight Loss – Call Dr. Surikov 347-599-9118
Medical Weight Loss NYC

NYC Medical Weight Loss Story – Connie’s Review

Dr. Vadim Surikov is a weight loss physician who has been providing residents of NYC and the surrounding areas with top notch medical weight loss treatments and care for decades. His detailed approach has helped many, like Connie, to realize their long-term health goals and see real results. In this detailed interview, Ken describes just how powerful the weight loss service provided by Dr. Vadim Surikov can be:

Q: How did you learn about this doctor and his weight loss clinic?

After seeing the results that his patients were experiencing and how much my client enjoyed going here, I knew that I just had to see what all the fuss was about. I scheduled an appointment soon after and have been coming here ever since.

Q: Why did you end up choosing Dr. Surikov from among the many other weight loss programs and weight loss doctors in the NYC area?

He was so very helpful at the first consultation and at each appointment afterward, making sure that I knew what was going on and that I never had any unanswered questions. He would always ask me if I was hungry, if I had any worries or concerns, or if I had any questions at all.

Q: At what point did you decide to lose weight and what made you make the decision to move forward with weight loss services?

My first concern was always my overall health more than my weight, although weight was certainly also a contributing factor to my decision. I was over 200 pounds when I started this weight loss program and I’ve successfully lost about 40 of those pounds! I was also in the process of planning my wedding and I wanted to look great for the big day.

Q: How long have you been working towards your weight loss goals with this weight loss service?

I’ve been working on losing weight for about a year now. While the results have been slower than some people like, I prefer it this way. I know that I’m putting in the work, losing the weight, and more importantly, losing it in a way that will allow me to keep it off forever. To me, losing the weight in this way was definitely the way to go.

Q: Before you chose to pursue weight loss services at the weight loss clinic of Dr. Vadim Surikov, what other techniques and diets did you try?

Before I started considering weight loss physicians, I tried a lot of different things, most of which were over-the-counter weight loss products. Unfortunately, these weight loss products didn’t really work. Some of these weight loss programs gave me terrible side effects, such as anxiety, an elevated heart rate, etc. Ever since I started visiting this weight loss center and seeing actual qualified weight loss physicians, I have felt so much calmer.

Q: How did your first weight loss appointment go at the weight loss center? What were you told about the methods used by weight loss doctors?

I felt very comfortable throughout my appointment, which I greatly appreciated. This weight loss doctor and his staff were very thorough in explaining what I could expect during my appointments and the program itself. I was told how I would begin taking my medications and how I would later go one to incorporate Sensotherapy into my routine. They also told me that I could pay a visit to the office once a week to receive the appetite suppressant tongue paste, and they wouldn’t even charge me for it! After my first appointment, I would drop by the clinic once a month so that he can make sure that I’m progressing well and that any adjustments necessary can be made to my program. He wanted to make sure that I didn’t have any concerns or worries, and I never have!

Q: Did you ever experience any unwanted side effects from the medications or the program?

No, I really never did. I felt comfortable throughout the program and I knew this was exactly where I needed to be.

Q: How have you felt since you’ve lost over 40 lbs on this weight loss program with Dr. Vadim Surikov, a top weight loss physician?

When I was at my heaviest, I had no energy at all. I didn’t want to do anything, and I was constantly aching and in pain. My back and legs were always in pain. I was actually in the process of seeing a physician to address my pain issues, but it wasn’t doing much for me! Since I started here, my life has been completely different. Once I started losing weight at one of the best weight loss centers in the city, I started feeling so much better.

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Dr. Surikov is a NYC medical weight loss provider who has decades of experience helping patients to lose weight in a safe and effective way.

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